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John Klossner Cartoons

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John Klossner Cartoons.

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LinkedIn Architecture

October 27, 2011 Leave a comment


  • Solaris (running on Sun x86 platform and Sparc)
  • Tomcat and Jetty as application servers
  • Oracle and MySQL as DBs
  • No ORM (such as Hibernate); they use straight JDBC
  • ActiveMQ for JMS. (It’s partitioned by type of messages. Backed by MySQL.)
  • Lucene as a foundation for search
  • Spring as glue

Cookies are for Closers: Oren Hurvitz’s Blog » LinkedIn Architecture.

Enterprise PostgreSQL and Oracle Compatibility with EnterpriseDB

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Now Microsoft comes up with a road map for Hadoop efforts

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Here is the post: Microsoft’s Big Data Roadmap & Approach – SQL Server Team Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs.

As we have noted in the past, in the data deluge faced by businesses, there is an increasing need to store and analyze vast amounts of unstructured data including data from sensors, devices, bots and crawlers and this volume is predicted to grow exponentially over the next decade. Our customers have been asking us to help store, manage, and analyze these new types of data – in particular, data stored in Hadoop environments.

I am not sure about IBM, but this makes two of them – Microsoft and Oracle, finally realizing the power of Hadoop and acknowledging that they have to do something about it. Pretty late already, I will say. Earlier, Oracle had something similar to say in OpenWorld 2011.

My Hadoop experience so far has been limited, but nevertheless amazing in every sense. I was blown away by the simplicity, more than anything else. It takes very minimal effort (okay, you do need the understanding) to setup a Hadoop cluster and run a task distributed on several machines. We were using 5 laptops and although the task we wrote was a simple search, but with the effort that was put in, I never expected it to work. I was surprised when it sailed through.

Oracle’s special handling of NULL

October 9, 2011 Leave a comment

The Oracle database handled NULLs slightly differently than the other databases. An empty string is considered NULL which can be confusing:

select * from dual where '' is null;

X1 row selected.

Source: NULL and index performance in the Oracle SQL database.

Oracle reveals its Big Data, NoSQL and Hadoop developments

October 8, 2011 1 comment